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Can't repair Your stl file? (3D printing - rapid prototyping) smiling smiley

Posted by Jasio 
Can't repair Your stl file? (3D printing - rapid prototyping) smiling smiley
November 07, 2012 07:36PM

I hope that I'm in a correct section smiling smiley

If You tried to repiar Your slt file but You failed, please contact with me. Maybe I can do it for You for a small fee.
If the file will be very hard to solve then it will cost more smiling smiley

If You are interested, please sent me a broken stl file.
I have trouble repairing STL files all the time. Usually Netfabb Studio Basic fixes most tiny errors, but your services could definitely come in handy for more complicated errors (very common with my customers' STL files).
hey Jasio, I have a file i need a quote on if you still do that sort of thing,
it's a step (Tyrell) pyramid that is 26.55cm long, by 18.45cm wide and 8.7cm high. Made in google sketchup and stl'd etc.
I have the full thing and have four files where i cut it into quarters for printing on my solidoodle (15cm x 15cm x 15cm). So far i managed with the free netfab to make one of the quarters solid (NOT easy), but KISS slicer fills in the bottom half into a solid rectangle but slices the top part perfectly, so it looks like a small pyramid poking out the top of a solid rectangular block.
In the end just got fed up trying, and resigned to find someone like you.
Found this blog after googling this few months back when ordered my first printer. Just so you know, i have a lot of files that in the near future will need to made solid for dioramas although this is a present and easy practice for moulding and resin casting a larger object, and am already 3/4's through my first commercial architectural model that i hope to start selling at the end of summer, and would deffinately use you again over the comming months.
But i don't know if you do the slicer part as well, or if just make solid, as only have a few hundred hrs google sketch, and am not CAD trained so... blahhh!

Cheers geezer, Neil valentine, Essex, UK.
Re: Can't repair Your stl file? (3D printing - rapid prototyping) smiling smiley
April 22, 2013 05:19PM

Please send me the files: grafika@grafex.com.pl
I will see it and give You an answer.

Best Regards smiling smiley
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