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Glasses Frames!

Posted by isonoob 
Glasses Frames!
June 23, 2013 07:58PM
My overpriced frames just broke,lasted 4 years, which is ok i guess, but anyways printed new ones out!

They're a lot different from the frames that broke, but this was the best way i could think of doing it, they look really dorky though haha

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Re: Glasses Frames!
June 24, 2013 07:11AM
me likey how about thinking of making something which trace either the lens or the old frame i used to work manufacturing glasses and worked on machines that use to cut the lens by tracing the frame but you reverse that and use the technique to make different frame sizes to fit the lens if i wasn't so excited about getting my i3 built and so many projects i thinking of i would like to add that one as my own but just thought id throw idea out

Check my rubbish blog for my prusa i3

up and running
Re: Glasses Frames!
July 01, 2013 11:57AM
Cool, thought about doing similar myself, but my glasses are still good.

Its really annoying how at the glasses-shop 'designers' seem to be in control what is the offering of the frame. The kind i wanted(just a minimal frame) doesnt seem to be among the choices.

I think it would look less nerdy if it was rounded. And probably if less thick, but at some point you hit limitations of the material. I had some success heating metal wire and then pressing into the plastic. But the ends of the metal wire can be a bit sharp, so it shouldnt protrude, or easily protrude into your body when something breaks.(dont want a metal wire in your skull if you happen to fall.. Seems unlikely though) And the metal wire shouldnt be overly bendy in this case, i suppose.
Re: Glasses Frames!
July 04, 2013 06:26PM
It's a good first try, but I think you can do better than that! smiling smiley

This looks very standard, and the nose bridge doesn't look like it is developed for a real nose. Don't just quit at the first try, you can evolve this! Show me improvement winking smiley I am curious about your next version smiling smiley
Re: Glasses Frames!
July 04, 2013 11:56PM
ooph i totally forgot abotu this thread lol sry! i printed a new model a few weeks ago which ive been wearing everyday. I get a few comments almost every where I go, ranging from "are those google glasses?" "is that a fashion statement" "sorry we have to ask, what are those glasses" I get tons of comments. I have fixed thenose problem a few weeks ago as the first prototype wasnt very comfortable, but the new ones i wear all day everyday!

Re: Glasses Frames!
July 07, 2013 06:22PM
It's fun, as I'm also in the process of designing my own glasses, I had an accident last new years and I damaged my old glasses, but the glass itself is still fine.

I think you can even get away with making the edges thinner. Do I understand correctly, are there no real glasses in these glassess?
Re: Glasses Frames!
July 07, 2013 09:24PM
the glass in them are real prescription that came out of my glasses that I broke accidentally, i took them out in the last picture I posted to show the thickness of the frames
Re: Glasses Frames!
November 04, 2013 04:05AM
Could make em look real sleek if you printed a thinner frame out of T-Glase.

I would go with 1.0mm nozzle and 3mm filament though. Would look very clean and strong.

I thought about printing clear frames for some sunglasses I have, but I swapped back to a .35mm nozzle for a bunch of ABS prints I need to do.

Looks good, be nice if you curved the edges a bit. Would look less 'dorky'.
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