Nexus 5 Stand with Wireless Charge
March 16, 2014 08:14AM
Nexus 5 Stand with Wireless Charger.

My first own model and big enough print.
Model made in SolidWorks, printed with Ormerod.
Download from thingyverse.

Took 4 hours to print, and about 30 minutes to make actual SolidWorks model. Then 1 hour to process with sand paper and paper knife.

GCode generated with Slic3r:
0.24 mm layer height.
Rectilinear infill with 0.2 density.
Mostly 20mm/s speed but infill with 30mm/s and support 40mm/s.
Brim 6 mm to prevent warping.
Support pretty much default, except spacing (5mm).

Unfortunatelly did't make photos before processing model, there were good amount of little artfacts, but mostly it is good result and support material was easy to remove.
As well had to replace filanment on the way, that is why just right at the top is slightly different (a bit more transparent filanment), replacement was dummy - cut left over from old filanment and push manually by hand new filanment during the print. If you will do so, make sure you do not push actual carriage as it will lead to layer Y offset. (I did grinning smiley, but polished and is all fine now).

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