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Blower conversion kit.

Posted by janpenguin 
Blower conversion kit.
July 03, 2015 06:09PM
It uses 12V DC fan, 60x60x25 mm in size.

Re: Blower conversion kit.
July 04, 2015 11:59AM
I saw this on thingiverse earlier.
And commented what a good idea it was.

Using an inexpensive fan motor to drive the more efficient impeller.

If the blades were removed from the original fan you could make it a bit more efficient.
Maybe cut them down to stubs that the impeller can still lock into or glue the impeller to the fan motor hub.


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Re: Blower conversion kit.
August 04, 2015 04:28PM
I improved the kit design and tested it on the experimetal Kossel Mini.

It delivers sufficient air through OD 14 mm hose to the heatsink duct.

One issue is it's too loud that needs to be fixed somehow.
Re: Blower conversion kit.
August 09, 2015 07:26PM
Very ingenious indeed! thumbs up
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