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Clip for 608 bearing

Posted by fdavies 
Clip for 608 bearing
September 11, 2010 08:54PM
I am working on a Z axis mechanism (very half-baked for now). In the course of doing this, I came up with a nice little clip for 608 bearings.

More details in the wiki at Bearing_clip_01



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Re: Clip for 608 bearing
September 12, 2010 12:39PM
I had to see this a few times before I appreciated how cool the design is. I like the flexures. Nice work!

On the wiki, you mention that the clip "should be oriented so that any sideways force on the bearing should be on the fixed part of the center piece, not the one with the flexures." In some cases, especially with exact-constraint kinematic design, you *want* some flexure in some of the bearing mounts. Your clip design is great because the same clip can be used whether the designer wants the bearing mount to be "hard" or spring-loaded. On Mendel it appears that an adjuster bolt is used to get the right tension on a set of bearings (see minute 3.20 of "Design Principle to Constrain Mendel's Axes" here [objects.reprap.org]) but one could probably achieve the same result by making one of the bearings spring-loaded.

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