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New printer - XY assembly

Posted by deckingman 
New printer - XY assembly
July 12, 2016 11:50AM
Just thought I'd post an update on the X and Y carriages I've posted earlier. I've made a start on the frame and got the X and Y carriages fitted. I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to get all the rails parallel and at right angles to each other. Really chuffed on how it has worked out. I used a cross line laser to get everything squared up and parallel. There is no play but also no sticking or high spots. Just tilting the frame about 20 degrees or so is enough for either carriage to travel the full length of it's rails. I'm loving this Open Builds V slot rails and Delrin wheels.

For info, the frame is 1,000mm tall and 600mm x 600mm
Re: New printer - XY assembly
July 12, 2016 12:07PM
Looking good in black, nice & clean lines, love it, how much for all that Vslot?/2020
Re: New printer - XY assembly
July 12, 2016 01:26PM
Thanks. It's mostly Vslot 2040. The X rails are 2020 and the vertical Z guides, as well as the horizontal cross pieces which supports the top of the Z guides. The rest is all 2040. I bought the legs initially from Ooznest just so that I had something to play around with but I can't remember how much I paid. I think it was around £50 and remember thinking that delivery charge was a bit steep. That was for 4 off 1,000mm of 2040. Originally I was planning to just go for silver anodised 'cos Ooznest charged extra for black. The rest of the stuff I bought from RatRig (took them a month though) but it was just over £200 including delivery with all pieces cut to length. At that time RatRig were out of stock of the silver but had plenty of the black anodised and it was the same price as the silver. That's how I've ended up with silver legs but everything else black. The thing that can really jack the price up is if you start using brackets to hold it all together. I didn't do that. I tapped the ends of the rails and fitted M5 x 16 A2 stainless button head bolts (£2.49 for a pack of 50 from Screwfix). It was a bit of pain drilling all the side access holes for an Allen key though. Could really have done with a drill stand or drill press especially when drilling through the 40mm side and trying to keep it straight. Had to do them all freehand but I managed it and only had to file out a couple.
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