VHS Tape Repair Frame
December 09, 2018 07:45AM
Not sure how many are still using VHS Tape Players, since I repair, clean and do transfers of Video from VHS to Digital data.
Making CD, DVD and Blu-Ray backups of the older Media I have a need for a VHS Tape Frame.

So I have Made this frame and putting it up for anyone who whats to download.
This Skeleton frame of a VHS tape that will allow you to make adjustments to your VHS player/Recorder without the VHS tape getting in the way.
It is designed so it can only be inserted into the Player/Recorder only one direction.
Front is As Shown in the Image below, the notch in the center bottom is a key to allow this side in only.

This should be printed in clear to make it as translucent as possible.
Being translucent the inferred emitters will shine thru so a Dark Black Dot is taped to front of both sides as shown in the following image.
This will defeat the Broke Tape Sensors.

Attached STL file is for anyone who wants or can use a VHS Tape Frame for VHS tape Player / Recorder cleaning or repair.


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