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Small joint

Posted by tdisher 
Small joint
May 05, 2019 08:02PM
Hi All

Very new to the forums.....6 years and over 300 different things printed (most repairs that frustrated my wife). I just finished my latest update to my Ecksbot printer; new hot end. Nothing fancy, but a 50w heater, and interchangeable nozzles, and home made. Finished set up with a .5mm nozzle, then tackled the .2mm nozzle. Here is a pic of the first completed piece. No raft or support material; 240 degree temp., and 25% speed.

open | download - P_20190505_145615_HDR_1.jpg (331.9 KB)
Re: Small joint
May 06, 2019 06:31AM
At first I thought it looked terrible, but then I realized the scale and, well, not too bad for a first print, but you still need to microtune a lot of settings by the looks of it smiling smiley

Do you make your own filament from leftovers or was there still some old filament in the hotend?

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Re: Small joint
May 06, 2019 09:46AM
Thank you. I think, for the amount extruded, a lot of old filament may be on the hot end. I also think I may have a"leak" at the feed tube that is providing some challenges.

I purchase all. Was going to try that though.

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