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Printed with Wax filament Wax Casting Model

Posted by zurferjoe 
Printed with Wax filament Wax Casting Model
April 23, 2021 06:07AM
I have at last got the wax filament to do what I want it to do !! Print ! This is my MV Agusta 175 cylinder head , my one was damaged beyond repair so copied the bits and here it is ! 60 hours printing later .And also the cam holder also replicated this first model was done in PLA to see about shrinkage etc . Hope it all works out and I can at last ride my bike ,

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Re: Printed with Wax filament Wax Casting Model
April 27, 2021 08:27AM
This is the solution to a lot of queries I get from a kit car forum to which I belong - 3D-printing novices think that they can make bits to fit on their car engine, not realising that the filament's printing temperature is way higher than the moderate temperature at which the finished items will collapse in use (glass transition temperature?). Many of these people could design and make parts using the lost wax process instead.

What filament did you use, and what problems did you encounter?
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