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Sixi3 robot arm

Posted by i-make-robots 
Sixi3 robot arm
May 07, 2021 06:31PM
I was really inspired when the reprap project wanted to make self replicating things.
Ive been obsessed with making a low cost robot arm for about a decade now. Here's the latest news.


Where the Sixi2 was 1300 parts in 300 types, Sixi3 is 300 parts in 25 types.
By using a single actuator design I get low backlash, high power, and really affordable manufacturing. cheap, fast, strong: pick two. I chose cheap and strong.

My new goal is to make practical demos. Unlike people here, most folk need to be shown how it could be useful.

The firmware is based on Marlin, adapted with no heating or extrusion. I've got FK, IK, jacobian, inverse jacobian... I have challenges now with making it easy to drive the arm and adding new kinds of tools.


I'd love to talk to anyone that is eager to build an arm based on this design.
Re: Sixi3 robot arm
May 08, 2021 04:11AM
... nice work! smileys with beer

So hope you'll find a solution (or some better gears) to some more speed and higher load capacity winking smiley

I'm collecting bits'n'bytes (and some spare time) to build a "parallel Scara" for super-high precision down to single microns in a working area of 200x200x300mm ... have some PZT-drives with sub-micron accuracy, but only 23x23x23mm ... or 3 super-stiff linear motors with 180mm travelling range (sub-micron accuracy too) -- so could find another solution too, when in need smoking smiley

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