Ender3 heatsinks on 5er diamond hotend
August 14, 2021 05:17AM
The 5 lathed down E3D heatsinks are the most expensive parts of the 5er diamond hotend. The nozzle itself is only ~16$.
Ender3 heatsinks are small enough to fit side by side without any modification.
Not only cheaper, but it allows you to use different heatbreaks. The original ones are integrated into the heatsink and have 4.1mm bores to completely run the PTFE tube through.

I've been printing for a few weeks now with this setup, even challenging parts with lots of retractions and unused colors idleing and hydrolyzing,
but no clogs.
Even if you had any clogs, the grub screw mounted heatsinks can be more easily removed, without risking to unscrew the heatbreak from the nozzle.
Works with a 50x50x10 fan (2,4W) so far and no specifically designed fan shroud.

So if anybody is thinking about a 5in1out hotend, this might be a good start.

I tried with direct drives at first (see attached pic, don't get fooled by the printing time, eeprom was deleted inbetween)
Second pic shows the bowden setup, which is easier to work with and requires no adapters.
open | download - direct800.jpg (139.3 KB)
open | download - bowden-setupt.PNG (708.9 KB)
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