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Impossible idea

Posted by Masimomo 
Impossible idea
October 07, 2011 02:18AM
I'm looking for someone to adopt my idea, I realized I do not have the ability to do this.

I look for someone really good in robotics preferably in contact with research or ability to patent or otherwise avid fans

The idea concerns an appliance for personal care very difficult to achieve if not impossible

Contact me if only for curiosity or to discuss morrisbit@yahoo.it
Liked the name and city

it's an idea on hair cut machine (but is not an arm)
I am very easily satisfied and do not exclude a open source project

I definitely need someone to take matters in hand

how can this be?

considering the idea if you like
Re: Impossible idea
October 20, 2011 10:13AM
I thought of a way to achieve this!

If you make a set of clippers connected to a vacuum cleaner such that the hair is sucked towards the clippers, then use a semi-circular track for the clippers such that they can orbit your head. The track can also be rotated in an arc such that it can 'scan' a hemisphere. Then the clippers need to be able to move in and out towards ones head. Then you just need to scan the hemisphere moving the clippers in and out appropriately for the haircut you want!

OK, it may not give a hairdresser a run for their money - but I think it could do a reasonable, repeatable job.

An alternative would be to use a pair of inclinometers and a compass on the clipper/vacuum and use them to calculate where on ones head they are (assuming it stays roughly at a normal to the surface of the head). Then you move the clippers around your head and it adjusts the distance for the cut length - and maybe warns you if you've missed an area?

I've not built one as my hair seems to be falling out on its own fast enough!

Re: Impossible idea
October 20, 2011 11:17AM
very good, my idea i very similar , do you want see ? i have a .pdf

sure it's a great hard work to make alone :-)

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Re: Impossible idea
October 20, 2011 01:49PM
Im always interested to see how people solve problems!

Maybe next you could turn your attention to a robot shirt ironing machine?

Re: Impossible idea
October 21, 2011 09:12AM
SimonRafferty Wrote:

> Maybe next you could turn your attention to a
> robot shirt ironing machine?



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Re: Impossible idea
January 05, 2012 08:57PM
you could call it flowbee
Re: Impossible idea
January 06, 2012 02:02AM
i know it, nice!
my aim is a higher resolution...
Re: Impossible idea
January 07, 2012 05:54PM
Unfortunately you won't be able to patent it anyhow as it has already been done.

There is a video here showing how it works. I think this one is even made from recycled parts.

Haircutting machine
Re: Impossible idea
August 31, 2013 06:51AM
I don't think so that its possible.
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