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Yup! The RepRap Wiki is for Robots!

Posted by SebastienBailard 
Yup! The RepRap Wiki is for Robots!
January 24, 2010 02:03PM
Welcome to the new Robotics Forum!

We have created this space for us Robot geeks, hobbyists, engineers, and mad scientists to discuss and build robots. By "space", we mean this forum, and the RepRap wiki, [objects.reprap.org] .

Please create new pages up on the [[Library]] for your robot! (That's what the wiki is for, and we've got tetrabytes of space when we need it.)

(Our motto: Log in, click "edit", create a new page if you need it!)

(It's the Library's job to organize the formal RepRap stuff so that the non-robot hobbyists don't get confused by random robot content.)

Disclaimer: We may copy interesting bits of your (GPL?) robot into RepRap machines at any time, and we may spider other interesting (GPL) Robots on other sites into the wiki at any time. Because Robots are Cool! Robots are the Future! Robots will take over the W... Pardon me. Got a little overexcited there for a minute.

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