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Mecanum Wheels? Marlin + Ramps??

Posted by Ohmarinus 
Mecanum Wheels? Marlin + Ramps??
February 14, 2015 07:56AM
Hi guys, I want to make a robot for a graduation project. I am thinking to either make the mecanum wheels myself, or buy them somewhere.

I've seen pretty decent priced ones, I don't believe in ultracheap, I need something that works for my project and is balanced between quality and price. In other words: I don't need mecanum wheels that they use on industrial machines, but still, I need a good set that can survive especially in outside environments like uneven streets, etcetera.

Besides that, I have to find out what kind of firmware and electronics I have to use to make the robot run. I want the robot to 'perform' movements how you see them on your 3D-printer. Is there a possibility that I rig the machine in such a way, that it translates the X-Y movements to X-Y coordinates by using the mecanum wheels as output?

I have been thinking of making my own kind of machine, that instead of using mecanum wheels, uses wheels with small rollers that are angled in a 90º angle from the direction of the main wheel they are on but am worried that when I let the robot 'perform' movement, it might lose track of it's X-Y coordinates easily. With mecanum wheels the control you have over the movement is more fixed and repeatable. I other words: if you let the robot trace the line of a circle, it should end up where it began to make a perfect round circle.

Hoping that anyone here has some experience with this, I am completely ready to get into this project!

Re: Mecanum Wheels? Marlin + Ramps??
February 15, 2015 12:52PM
After more research I've found that it will be better for my project to use omni wheels. As I can have two wheels driven by the X-axis and the set of wheels 90º turned from the X-axis can be driven by the Y-axis coming from the Ramps.

Very curious how this will work out. Will go to the drawing tables right now! Probably won't be able to make it a vehicle that drives on uneven terrain, but it should do what I want.

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