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Stepper/servo robot ramps 1.4 mega 2560

Posted by egghead419 
Stepper/servo robot ramps 1.4 mega 2560
October 13, 2015 01:33PM
Hey all,

I have printed and built the Robot released by Zortrax. It works fine 3 axis using nema 17 steppers .


I want to add some servo control for my end of arm tool i have connected the servos to the D11, D6,D5,D4 and added the jumper from VCC to 5V.

I have been trying to use the bed leveling threads as a guide.

Defined 4 servos in the configuration.h

as far as the code construction of entered m280 p_ S___

this is vexing me I've tried variations but only get immediate movement while the bot moves around but i cascaded a stepper move to a servo move

G1 Z-13 F409
M280 P0 S10
M280 P1 S10
M280 P2 S10
G1 Z13 F409
M280 P0 S45
M280 P1 S45
M280 P2 S45
G1 Z-13 F409
M280 P0 S90
M280 P1 S90
M280 P2 S90
M104 S0

but movement doesn't happen as i envision can someone please help?
open | download - Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 1.08.09 PM.png (140.1 KB)
open | download - Z_AND_SERV_TEST16.gco (170 bytes)
open | download - Marlin.ino (1.8 KB)
Re: Stepper/servo robot ramps 1.4 mega 2560
November 11, 2015 07:16AM
Hi egghead419

Sorry I won't be much help regarding your servo motor problem, but I was just curious how the zortrax came out? I've downloaded the .STL files for the Zortrax recently and considering to build it.

Is it a sound design? Is movement smooth and accurate?

Re: Stepper/servo robot ramps 1.4 mega 2560
December 07, 2015 04:42AM
I'm almost sure that you need to put G90 before the servos because they need to be set to absolute positioning for the M280 command.
Also, where did you get the STL-s? Can you share a link?
Best regards,

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Re: Stepper/servo robot ramps 1.4 mega 2560
December 14, 2015 04:25AM
Hi BoByS

I'm not the original poster but I got my STL from the Zortrax website, they require you to signup for the files but I see a lot of people never receive the email back from Zortrax with the link to download.

Drop me a email at retrosaint AT gmail.com and i'll host it for you for a temp time.

Re: Stepper/servo robot ramps 1.4 mega 2560
January 31, 2016 03:20AM

Was the servo control issue resolved ??

I am printing the ZOrtrax and doing some mods
PM Grab cad files

I like the idea of using the ramps 1.4 but think i may want some more control of the steppers to ramp up and down the speed for each movement.

Just wondering if that would be possible with Marlin / Ramps 1.4 ??
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