Sixi Robot Arm
June 28, 2019 02:20PM
Hello all!

We're making great progress on our latest robot arm and I think you'll be interested.
Here's a recent shot of it in action: []

- Almost entirely 3D printed
- 6 degrees of freedom, like a modern industrial arm
- can carry 2kg
- reach 80cm
- speed 50 degree/s
- accuracy goal +/-0.5mm
- open hardware & open source

I've written up the details on the Sixi page.
In the meantime here's an older page for Sixi 2 on

My hope is that it can be used to help people everywhere, starting with 3D printing fans like you.

I believe the time is right to do for robot arms what Prusa did for 3D printers. My goal is to get the arm good enough that it can assemble its sisters. That will be the last time I will build a robot by hand.

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