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Dual extruder in inverted directions

Posted by acastles91 
Dual extruder in inverted directions
August 17, 2021 03:58PM
Hello forum,
I put a SKR 1.4 board on a remote controlled tank to be able to control it with g-code files, and I defined both chains (what moves it forward and backward and also left and right) as extruders, since they don't have a bed size and I need unlimited movement. That seems to work fine, but I need the ability to chage direction, and when I move the tank by defining the movement as a toolhead, I can't define a negative coeficient for one of the extruders if I want to move it backwards, and I also can't define if they are inverted or not "on the go", but only in the precompiled firmware. Is there a way to give negative coeficients for multiple extruders or to invert the motors on the g-code file itself? I am using Marlin 2.0. Any hints are welcome!
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