Uplift Prize Winner Announced
July 04, 2013 08:31PM
Hello All,

The announcement was made to key journalists on Wednesday, July 3. I will repost the same here :


I am happy to announce that we have a winner in the Interim Personal Manufacturing Prize, initially conceived of in 2009, and in the amount of US$ 20,000. The Prize Specifications are here, under 'Interim Personal Manufacturing Prize' :


The winner is : 'Morgan' by Quentin Harley.

Some links with more information about Morgan.


Second Place : 'Simpson' by Nicholas Seward

Third Place : '3DPrintMi' by Chris Lau

Thanks everyone for their interest and their participation. More details to follow on the websites of the Uplift Prize and HumanityPlus.

This sets the stage for a truly amazing Grand Prize in 2015.

Re: Uplift Prize Winner Announced
July 04, 2013 11:48PM
Uplift Prize website announcement here :

Re: Uplift Prize Winner Announced
July 05, 2013 05:27AM
Congratulations to Quentin, Nicholas and Chris!

And, honestly, I'm glad to see these designs, especially #1 and #2, aren't a slightly modified version of a commonly used one, but truely genuine.

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Re: Uplift Prize Winner Announced
October 30, 2013 03:16AM
@Traumflug: "genuine"? Didn't you want to write "brilliant" or maybe "a touch of genius".

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Re: Uplift Prize Winner Announced
December 04, 2013 11:57AM
@Traumflug: "genuine"? Didn't you want to write "brilliant" or maybe "a touch of genius".

My read of their comment is they actually meant original or perhaps unique. I believe Traumflug is a native German speaker and while I don't know that much about German, I imagine the difference between genuine and original in English may be confusing since they are sometimes used in similar fashion, e.g. genuine parts vs original parts. And of course as I guess most here know, the concepts conveyed by words often have no precise translation.

Anyway I'm pleased as well. I was reading about the prize at the end of last year and beginning of this year again just to see what was up (I was around when it was originally annouced) and it seemed clear that things weren't going well. I missed the annoucement of it being extended with the new criteria (not important, I was never going to take part), and I'm pleased that it seemed to have been relatively successful with the changes. Hopefully this does indeed bode well for the main prize.
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