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Announcing the Gada Prize in Personal Manufacturing at Humanity+

Posted by kanzure 
Announcing the Gada Prize in Personal Manufacturing at Humanity+
November 05, 2010 12:41PM
Today, Humanity+ re-announced the Gada Prize [gadaprize.org]

Announcing the Gada Prize in Personal Manufacturing @ Humanity+

Humanity+ is proud to announce the Gada Prize (gadaprize.org) in Personal Manufacturing. By January 1, 2013, we will award $20,000 to the individual or team who demonstrates specific improvements to 3D printing technology. The prize was initially hosted by the Foresight Institute and is now hosted by Humanity+. Founded in 1998, Humanity+ focuses on human enhancement and emerging technologies. Desktop 3D printers promise a disruption in manufacturing technology, with improvements on price, productivity, and portability. We believe that a fully open-source 3D printer will herald a new era for both industrial manufacturing and individual prototyping-- allowing everyone to rapidly build and test their inventions.

The Gada Prize awards innovations applied to the RepRap platform, an open source 3D printer capable of printing plastic objects. Established in 2005 by Adrian Bowyer, the RepRap project has now grown into an international community of scientists, researchers, engineers and RepRap operators. The long-term vision of the RepRap project is an open-source self-replicating machine -- a 3D printer that can build copies of itself.

Interested? Everyone is invited to get involved! The teams are especially friendly, and you can always reach out to us.

Humanity+ is an international organization focusing on technologies that expand human capacities. We primarily engage in promotion, conferences, ethics, debate, publication, and sponsored projects. The goal of the Gada Prizes is to improve the lives of one billion people by 2020. After an incubation period with the Foresight Institute, the Gada Prize is now a welcome addition to our portfolio.


Bryan Bishop
Asst. Director of R&D, Humanity+
[email protected]
phone: +1-512-203-0507

Just thought you guys would like to know :-).
Re: Announcing the Gada Prize in Personal Manufacturing at Humanity+
November 05, 2010 06:44PM
Thanks! Makes my humble efforts to design new and better glass nozzles and the Open Air reprap I want to build sound much more important and meaningful!
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