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[Available again][ EU or WORLDWIDE] 1 LM8UU Prusa Set ready for shipping ( Original Mendel and Mendel Max Sets too )

Posted by Benny 
again i have 1 LM8UU Prusa Sets ready for shipping, PM me for photos and details, something about 50 € will be fine.
I have original Mendel ( 120€ ) and Mendel Max ( 60 €) sets too.

Best regards,

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Hi would it be possible to order one of these anytime you get round to making on? I'm desperate for a working model as I have just discovered the wonders of 3d printing!

Any help on whether you could do that or if you know somewhere I can get some parts cheaper than the websites selling kits for £500 + I would be most appreciative.

Feel free to get hold of me at sippura90 aT Hotmail d0t com I will get back to you asap

Thanks for any help in advance, all the best
Re: [Sold] [ EU ] 2 Prusa Sets ready for shipping
April 26, 2012 09:25AM
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Re: [Available again][ EU ] 1 LM8UU Prusa Set ready for shipping
May 05, 2012 01:17PM
One set ready for shipping, pm me smiling smiley

Best regards,
Next set mid of june available!
i have back in stock:
Prusa Lm8uu Kits 72€
Mendel Max 1,5 Kits 72€
Extruder + Hotend 0,5mm 72€

Send me a pm and i send you all the details u wish winking smiley.

Best regards

Mendel Max Kit sold out.

Extruder + Hotend + 0,5 nozzle + 0,35 nozzle = 74,99 € + shipping ( 12 left )
Its plug n print winking smiley Just mount it on your carriage, mount the motor to the extruder, calibrate the firmware and print winking smiley.

Prusa LM8UUs 2 72€ ( 2 left )

Just PM me winking smiley

Can we have some details about your hotends design ? Ideally drawings with dimensions.

Most of my technical comments should be correct, but is THIS one ?
Anyway, as a rule of thumb, always double check what people write.
you are tony or roland? smiling smiley

Just pm me for infos

Update: Prusa Sets available
Hotends still 2 left.

I'm neither Tony nor Roland, yet another guy smiling smiley

As for the drawings, I believe it would be beneficial if you post them here (or a link) so that anyone can see them without asking.

Edit : or if this is a clone of another existing hotend with already published specs, just mention it.

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Most of my technical comments should be correct, but is THIS one ?
Anyway, as a rule of thumb, always double check what people write.
oh ok thought because the emakershop smiling smiley

at the moment i dont have drawings online im sorry.

Best regards


Edit: I will upload a photo when the next batch is ready for sale smiling smiley

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2 LM8UU Prusa Sets ready for shipping
2 Extruder with Hotends ready for shipping
Mendel Max on demand.

Best regards

I bought from Benny LM8UU Prusa Set + Extruder with Hotend.
My package got delivered today.
It was safe packed in Styrofoam
I'm totally pleased with Benny, Thank you man.

Some pictures smiling smiley
@Natsukawa: You welcome, thanks for replying to this thread.

@everyone: Update:
Kapton 50mm available
Kapton 10mm available
LM8UUs available
Prusa LM8UU Plastik Kit available
Prusa LM8UU Upgrade Kit available
Springs ( for bed and Z axe ) available
Extruder with Hotends available
Bearings 608zz available


Full kits! You can reserve them already! ( paying when i have everything complete smiling smiley )

Write me a pm for further details smiling smiley

Happy printing!

Best regards


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New Batch ready!
Hi Benny
I am in the UK, i am after the LM8UU prusa plastic parts, do you accept Bitcoins as i am trying to fund my build using them.

hi ho winking smiley
Hmm as we are a company, i dont think we can take bitcoins because the government cant take tax sad smiley im sorry
OK Benny
No Problem, i understand.

Full Prusa kits for sale 699,-

metal pulleys t 2.5
metal z couplings
lm8uu bearings

everything high quality, on sunday our shop will go online with some photos! winking smiley

Full kits for 699 available now! It contains everything you need, high quality! Pictures and reprap.cc coming soon

10 % discount if you write a pm smiling smiley
reprap.cc is online winking smiley
At the moment we are planning on rostock kits, anyone interested?
Looking for a Mendel max set. Do you have one available?
only plastic parts or complete kit?
We are going to the bottom winking smiley


Your reprap.cc Team

Your Reprap Austria Shop
Plastik Kit really cheap:


ABS 1,75mm
PLA 3mm & 1,75mm

Extruder & Hotends 1,75mm
How much for a buy it now shipped to uk
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