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[DK] Prusa plastic parts set

Posted by stefanturcanu.11 
[DK] Prusa plastic parts set
October 14, 2014 03:48PM

I'm selling my plastic parts set for the Prusa 2 that I've bought two years back if I can remember right. I was very high on getting my own printer at the time, but my budget did not make it happen and eventually we got a big fablab in town - which is totally free.
I cannot remember the name of the user that printed these because I talked to him via the IRC channel, he was from Poland and the print quality is good.

Here you can find photos of the whole set. Dropbox folder

It has never been used, just sat in the box the whole time. Since I don't need it anymore I want to get rid of it.
My price for this is 10$ + shipping costs (i don't know how much that is but can offer a quote depending where you're from).
I know this is well below the market price but this is a one time deal. I just need to get rid of it as I have too many things in my house.

Note: I have fallen out of sync with the subject so please take into consideration that I may not know the name of the parts.
Re: [DK] Prusa plastic parts set
May 04, 2016 03:15PM
i am interested in your offer, but the link to the Dropbox-images doesn't work!
Can you please fix the link?
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