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[Canada] Mendel Parts for Sale

Posted by eckertech 
[Canada] Mendel Parts for Sale
January 04, 2011 04:00PM
We have redesigned our website (http://www.eckertech.com) to focus on 3D printing.

Currently we have available genuine reprap plastic parts kits for: Mendel, Huxley, Prusa with PLA bushings, Wade's extruder with hobbed bolt kit and Adrian's extruder. We also sell the hobbed bolt kit on its own for Wade's extruder.

Each set is available in black, red and blue ABS.

*Every full kit comes with Wade's extruder and a hobbed bolt.

Our “Blog” section contains a couple of neat videos and an alternative Y-Axis setup for the Mendel. We haven’t had time to add this to the wiki yet but are currently using this on all of our Mendels.

Please check out the website and let us know what you think.


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Re: [Canada] Mendel Parts for Sale
January 21, 2011 07:23AM
i don't get it. why would someone pay $220+ shipping for these when someone can pay less then that getting it shipped from the US or even oversees. not to mention that there's a bunch of parts on ebay that are way cheaper then this and are also made on a 3d printer and many have free shipping.
Re: [Canada] Mendel Parts for Sale
January 22, 2011 11:28AM
Why are you asking us???? You should be asking our customers why they chose our parts over those others. Why don't you buy one of those cheap sets off ebay and find out for yourself.
As for shipping overseas, we just packed up and shipped out another set of parts to Australia.

Actually the reason is quite simple “Quality”. Some people buy their shoes at Walmart….. “They're Cheap”, which is great if you like to change your shoe style with your mood. When a sole splits open they can just go pick up another cheap pair. Other people don't like change. They hate new shoes, they would wear a single pair for the rest of their lives if they could. They shop at the shoe store and pay the extra money for a pair of shoes that will last a decade or so ..... So it's a matter of “preference”.

The people who buy parts from us and the others like us, who put quality before price are akin to the second category of shoe wearers, cost is secondary to durability. Changing a Mendel part is not like changing a pair of shoes. It often involves disassembling, sometimes a good portion of the machine, then realigning, resetting, recalibrating..... etc. If you consider your own time to have value you won't want to be wasting it replacing parts on your machine. There's also esthetics: Nice looking parts make nice looking machines. If you take pride in your project, you will want it to look nice too. So there a few reasons.
As for higher pricing, it simply costs more to print a better product than it does to print a cheap one. It's the way it is works for everything.

Speaking of higher pricing, how about this
Re: [Canada] Mendel Parts for Sale
January 24, 2011 09:40AM
I second that last post.....I'm selling commercial RP parts as fast as I can make them for 600.00/set

Those who know what RP parts are really worth jump on it as the deal of the century, those who don't know think low balling offers are reasonable prices.

The parts your selling look to be in line with quality vs price.
Re: [Canada] Mendel Parts for Sale
January 26, 2011 08:01PM
Well Eckertech, I may be interested in buying Huxley parts that I have seen on your site.
It is a very short time I began reading on the subject... Is the BOM http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tw60t_E6G8tVNhBgMqAjcbw complete for those Huxley Parts ? Currently, I found the most interesting site is http://usinette.org/spip.php?rubrique28.

Since surface shipping may be long (for France, do you have an idea how long?), I could in between find/buy all pieces (probably mainly from http://www.mendel-parts.com, I wonder if a can find old printers or scanners to disassemble).

I need perhaps some more reading the forums...
Re: [Canada] Mendel Parts for Sale
January 27, 2011 11:21AM
Hi jhaus

Duaner posted a link to the BOM in this thread in the Huxley forum.http://forums.reprap.org/read.php?214,65635,65635,quote=1

As far as I know the best resource for Huxley is right here http://reprap.org/wiki/Huxley

There is a lot information in the forums, and many people willing to answer your questions so don't hesitate to ask. I don't think you will find much in the way of usable parts in old printers or scanners but I can't say for sure.

Lastly: According to Canada Post, surface delivery should take approximately 4 weeks.

Re: [Canada] Mendel Parts for Sale
February 24, 2011 11:05PM
i am thinking about buying a Mendel kit, i would prefer to buy local vs overseas.

what i was wondering though is do you have a kit that has all the rods and plates that i would need. seeing how i have all the electronics and motors that i need.

Re: [Canada] Mendel Parts for Sale
February 27, 2011 07:53PM
We haven't really got that far into it....... yet. We currently buy our bearings from VXB in California, they also sell a bearing kit with rods for $79, but I just buy 5/16” rod at Canadian Tire and cut it myself, it works fine. We have well over a thousand hours on one machine with no significant wear. Same thing for the threaded rod 5/16” fit right in. For Huxley you can replace the M6 rods with 1/4”. We also have a half dozen sets of Prusa parts just waiting for pictures be finished, before listing them. It's probably the cheapest option, it uses an extra stepper though,
We have only built Mendel heated build plates for ourselves and they're not quite up to a standard yet that we would feel comfortable in selling.
HI eckertech!

Part kits like Mendel, Huxley, and Prusa; do they include the extruder parts?
Re: [Canada] Mendel Parts for Sale
April 08, 2011 09:31AM
Howdy Stranger,

Each kit includes all the plastic parts for Wade's extruder plus the hobbed bolt. We can also substitute the plastic parts for Adrian's extruder, if you prefer that over Wade's.
Re: [Canada] Mendel Parts for Sale
April 08, 2011 04:41PM
I see. I don't really know much about the differences among the variants..haha. completely new to reprap
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