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Prusa/Sells Mendel (and Huxley) parts made to order! [US]

Posted by AverageJ0e 
Prusa/Sells Mendel (and Huxley) parts made to order! [US]
July 18, 2011 03:15PM
Out of service again for upgrades and repairs, sorry

Hello everyone,
I'm selling any part sets or parts made to your specifications!
I am printing on a prusa mendel with HPB @ .31mm layer height.

The plastics I currently have available are:
Black ABS (10 lbs)
Blue Translucent PLA (5 lbs)
Natural PLA (1 lb)

Other plastics can be acquired if necessary at a slight extra charge and time (as they need to be shipped to me).

Some common options that make your printing life easier:
Accessible Wade's Extruder (by Greg Frost)
XL pulleys (can save you $$ by buying belt off of McMaster Carr. Metric belts are pricey and hard to replace)
Extra PLA bushings or bushing holders
Linear bearing holders
Anything you can link me from thingiverse!
And.... other stuff I can't think of right now!

Customized parts eliminate waste and having to disassemble/reassemble to upgrade parts on your machine. All parts are made to order and shipped to you quickly. Pictures may be sent upon request of your completed order before you pay, so you can expect exactly what you see.

The best part is, (for a limited time?) I will meet and beat anyone else's prices (by 5%)!

Please PM me to place an order, and we can work out pricing and ensure that your needs are met.
Bitcoins are accepted as payment as well!

Please post any questions and/or reviews below.

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Re: Prusa/Sells Mendel (and Huxley) parts made to order! [US]
September 17, 2011 02:52AM
Bump for back in operation. Sorry for the temporary shutdown.
Hi there,
I want to get my hands on a complete prusa mendel,
I dont mind putting it together but want all the bits from one source,
posted to AUSTRALIA SA 5141.

Can you help me ?
How much ?
how do I pay? (is that before or after your beat price by 5% cool smiley

Kind Regards
Re: Prusa/Sells Mendel (and Huxley) parts made to order! [US]
October 16, 2011 06:58PM

I got the wrong pullies (XL). Can you help me with a T5 pullies

Thank you
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