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Anyone in Philly?

Posted by musingsonfutility 
Anyone in Philly?
January 11, 2011 08:49AM
Hey, I am in the Philadelphia, I live by the Airport, I have a little electronics hacking experience and alot of mechanical experience (I am a junior stress engineer at an aircraft company). I have lots of parts and materials and would like to collaborate on a repstrap or maybe do some trading. Time is at a premium for me until summer but not too early to get started.

Also I have access to an "unfitted" hacker space in Kensington and all types of automatic and manual machining equipment (and minimal personal know how)

looking for collaboration, someone with time

just curious if you made any headway on teaming up with someone interested in building a rep-rap? I literally just found out about this initiative today, and I'm desperate to get involved.

Let me know if you'd like to talk about getting some resources together and maybe getting some other like-minded people from Philly together?

The kenzo hack-tory is just too enticing not to reach out to you.
Re: Anyone in Philly?
May 30, 2011 08:38AM
I'm about 20 miles from Philly in Levittown. That's where the Roosevelt Blvd. and I95 meet. My lasercut wooden Mendel has just printed the first parts last week. Now I am re-designing my home-made extruder since it overflowed with ooze, but I'm getting there.

Re: Anyone in Philly?
September 14, 2012 10:06PM
Hey!!! I'm in Northern Delaware (Wilmington) - I need a bit of colored ABS plastic to print my parts at work for my RepRap - if you have 0.25 or .5 of a KG, LET ME KNOW!! I'll pay $10-15 for enough to print my parts depending on color!

Need it preferably this weekend!
Send me a PM

(Btw, building an Ecksbot this week, boss bought me a Replicator for work to play with, and I love it!)
Re: Anyone in Philly?
October 14, 2013 09:08PM
Hi, I live right outside of Philly in Wynnewood. I just finished hardware assembly on a MendelMax 1.5.

I have all of the wiring completed and I am working on configuring the Arduino Mega 2560 controller.
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