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Haeckel with Makerslide X & Z

Posted by Shank man 
Haeckel with Makerslide X & Z
April 19, 2015 04:46PM
This orginally started out following the Haeckel design and was a decent printer except
for the irregular layering on all of my prints. I was suspicious of the Z and X-ends from the very beginning
but decided go forward with the build anyway. I like the rigid cube construction that allowed for many upgrades
and quick repairs when needed. And it is very easy to enclose when ambient temperature becomes a issue.

Although the prints were dimensionally correct all of them had the bad Z-wobble look.

There was never any problem with the printer doing 10+ hour prints its just that the quality of the prints
left much to be desired. Other than the Ordbot I didn't see any printers using the Makerslide axes so I thought I'd give it a try.
It was easy to assemble with minimal cutting and drilling.
The whole Z & X change out was only about $ 130.00 which I thought more than reasonable.
Using the Makerslide rail,carriages and V-wheels in place of the smooth rods and linear
bearings constrained my print area quite a bit buy overall it made a vast improvement in the quality of my
open | download - HPIM0442.JPG (467 KB)
open | download - HPIM0441.JPG (451.3 KB)
Re: Haeckel with Makerslide X & Z
April 20, 2015 11:40AM
Looks good. You can use the spindle carriages which are quite a bit smaller than the standard carriages.
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