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Wilson TS start up issues

Posted by Maker Guy 
Wilson TS start up issues
September 18, 2015 09:14PM
Greetings All,

I am involved in a lengthy start up of a Wilson TS printer. Mechanically I have it complete and all of the motors are moving. I have several issues that popped up since I uploaded a configuration.h revision to correct some previous problems. Previous problems gone new ones have occurred. They are as follows:

If I go into the prepare/move axis 1 mm/x axis I can get the x axis to move to the right, but when I turn the knob on the LCD controller the other way and the display value decreases (it will not go lower than zero) it acts like it wants to move left but it doesn’t. Every once in a while it makes a tiny nudge in the left direction and then “bounces” back. If I shut the power off and move the x axis manually to a variety of positions it still does the same thing when I power up. If I do an Auto Home it will go to the left.

My Z axis now works differently than it did. If I run it in the perpare/move axis 1 mm mode it will go up and down and it stops with the end limit/home switch. If I do an Auto Home the z axis crashes against the limit switch and bottoms it out but keeps trying to move downward. I tried activating the limit switch with my hand when it is coming down in auto home and it just keeps going. It’s like the limit switch is disabled in auto home. It did not do that before.

Finally my extruder fan no longer runs since I have updated the firmware.

Any help on any or all of these issues would be GREATLY appreciated.


Maker Guy
Re: Wilson TS start up issues
September 21, 2015 03:31PM
Can you upload your configuration.h? I just finished building a Wilson TS from my own printed parts and it's configuration is similar to my other prusa i3. The default firmware values for the Z axis are way off in terms of feedrate and stepper motor current affects the feedrate as well.

Are you using the direct drive extruder or the geared one?

Oh send me the Configuration_adv.h as well please.

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