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help identifying controller board

Posted by wrapperz 
help identifying controller board
October 18, 2017 03:45PM

I'm trying to help out a friend who has bought a 3D printer but is way out of his depth with the software which he , not unreasonably, thought would be installed and working.

There seems to be config problem but the chinese manufacturer is oddly silent about what he actually selling. He talks about all the features of the machine except the most important one: the controller board.

Can anyone identify what this board is and possibly also suggest a suitable configure.h ?


My guess is that they are just buying of cloning someone else's board and paackaging it up.

I have not had a chance to strip this down and am not next to the machine since it is not mine.

It looks like it hosts four Polulu type driver plugins.

The coloured connectors on the R/H side take the end-stops and bottom right are for the thermistors. Power in is the screw connector, bottom left.

The Marlin configure.h they supply does not work ( MAXTEMP shutdown as soon as it boots ). It defaults to a RAMPS set up but this does not look much like a Rumba.

Anyone recognise it?

Re: help identifying controller board
October 18, 2017 05:48PM
I can see is is a MKS but cannot see the numbers. Do you have other images

It appears to be an MKS Gen V1.4, Now what type 3D Printer is it connected too.

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Re: help identifying controller board
October 18, 2017 06:37PM
Thanks Robert,


If fact I think the photo is a MKS gen L v1.0 though I don't have access to the board to check, the owner is supposed to email me tomorrow.

It is billed to be fully RAMPS 1.4 compatible and Marlin was set to RAMPS_14_EFB but this fails as soon as it starts with MAXTEMP on the extruder sensor.

Still can't determine whether this is a defective board or a config problem.

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