Ender 3 vs Malyan M150 (Wanhao i3 look-a-like)
October 08, 2018 09:02PM
I am a long time user of a Malyan M150. After a few upgrades and many problems with the wiring, a Drylin bearings upgrade, glass substrate and stiffer baseplate upgrade, I started liking the printer. I have used it for about two years. Intended to change the extruder assembly to a Bowden type, but have not still got the chance.

I have also intended to build a printer from the ground up, a xy or Ultimaker type, but decided to wait for the next generation of electronics. Malyan does the job fine for what I need.

Now someone directed my attention to Creality Ender 3 and I did like what I saw. It seems like a similar machine in essence. Malyan has a steel frame which is heavy, but not very stiff. I assume aluminium construction profiles should be stiffer and are lighter. As someone who had a few destroyed prints because of desynchronisation of the two Z motors, I like the idea of one Z motor. If done incorrectly it may also be the greatest problem of such printer, but it seems that the chassis is stiff enough to hold the nozzle assembly in place. I like that it's a Bowden type machine, and I like that the electronics are tucked away under the bed, as I came to hate the electronics box of the M150. There is also a slightly bigger print bed, but that I cannot regard as either a plus or a minus. The wheel assembly should be much less noisy than the ball bearings, but probably not less noisy than Drylin.

I need advice from someone more knowledgeable or someone who had pleasure with both machines, should I keep what I have or acquire an Ender 3? Should I think of Ender as a tiny step up? Price is not an issue, because I will probably be able to get roughly how much Ender costs with import taxes when I sell the M150 localy.
Re: Ender 3 vs Malyan M150 (Wanhao i3 look-a-like)
November 10, 2018 11:18AM
I like the wheel and V-slot of the Ender so it should be a slight step up. Not to say that it doesn't have its own quirks that may need addressing, due diligence and all that.
The Ender 3 IMO is just a refined version of the Creality CR-10, which is just a refined version of the TronXY printers from a few years back. They seem to gain more momentum in sales buy coming out with new "brands" rather then just new models.

Both machines are bed flingers so the Bowden setup is kind of a moot point.

I've enjoyed my TronXY's and always considered the frame to be superior to the Prusa i3. I cannot buy a Prusa i3 because I just don't like the bearing setup for that price. I used the money to buy better parts to build a printer instead.
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