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Openbuilds VulcanMAX build missi

Posted by fkh06 
Openbuilds VulcanMAX build missi
January 17, 2021 11:10AM
Hello everyone!! Hope you fellow makers are in tip-top shape during this pandemic. In this challenging times, 3D printing have caught a lot of attention from the medical and safety department due to their usefulness and their ability. So..... I decided to build a cartesian 3D printer VulcanMAX from Openbuilds with some mix from well-known printers in the market.
Openbuilds VulcanMAX

I'm thinking of changing from the original instruction
  • the X-axis from using aluminium extrusion into a linear rod transmission.(like Prusa)
  • 2004 reprap LCD screen
  • Z axis transmission like Prusa/Anet 3D printer.
  • PrusaBear X-axis carriage
  • Bondtech BMG dual drive extruder
  • E3D V6 hotend (it's a clone.not a real thangwinking smiley)
  • dual Z drive (prusa)
  • and some more (just can't figure out what)
The rest stays the same. I'll update it if there's any changes

I hope you fellow tech-guru are willing to share some of your knowledge and help me accomplish this build. I imagine it's gonna be a hell of a ride but with good understanding it's going to be easy.thumbs up
open | download - Vulcan MAX.PNG (123.2 KB)
open | download - 1.PNG (163.2 KB)
Re: Openbuilds VulcanMAX build missi
January 17, 2021 11:28AM
One more thing...
is Anet's Z motor mount and Z top are similar to Prusa i3 Bear Z motor mount and Z top ?

From my point of view it's Anet is like a pre-copy from Prusa 3D printer
I'm struggling to find a motor mount that can fit into 2040 extrusion. Just want to replace the i3 Bear Z motor mount to a suitable one with my NEMA17 stepper.
The one it's given in the github page doesn't fit.sad smiley
Re: Openbuilds VulcanMAX build missi
January 19, 2021 07:46PM
anyone lend a hand? sorry for the typo on the topic name.
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