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Help me design a large Rostock

Posted by Neal P 
Help me design a large Rostock
December 01, 2012 10:15AM
What I am looking for is using the kossel design however I want the foot print to be 4ft diameter.
Which brings questions to what lengths I need my open beam supports to be?
Would I need to use more support than kossel design?
How efficent would this be? Or accurate?
Do I need to use stronger stepper motors?
I think a belt would be best choice?
What's the best software I would like to have three extruders, LCD screen, sd card, ect
I would still like to use carbon fiber rods. Would this still be a good choice?
Going to need a good heat bed that size. Most likely this will be a DIY task what's the best method?

Ok pretty much I'm looking for the best of everything if someone could do a exact parts list and where to get it.
I want to order these parts ASAP and get building.

I seen the Rostock max it's cool but I need a bigger print area.

: ) please help I don't want to waste time and money on poor parts or outdated parts.

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