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Rostock firmware, uneven extrusion

Posted by volunteerlabrat 
Rostock firmware, uneven extrusion
May 20, 2013 04:34PM
Dear fellow Rostock owners,

I just made this post about uneven extrusion (from a firmware bug I believe) in the firmware forum. -Before realizing there was a seperate rostock/delta forum. Maybe you experts would spare a minute to go and see if you can help me out?

My thread is found here:


Oh. And here's a teaser of my Rostock Mini on steroids. 200x200x515mm effective build envelope:

Re: Rostock firmware, uneven extrusion
May 26, 2013 10:25AM
Just wanted to say: cute Rostock you got going on there smiling smiley

I am almost ready to build my own. Currently owning a Reprap Air 2, but I like the simplicity of the Rostock.

Do I see it correctly? Are you using only 6x smooth rod for structural integrity? Are those 6 rods the only thing that hold the machine up?
Do you experience any wobble?

My reprap air wobbles a LOT from left to right when printing, it's not funny anymore.

I don't care so much about print height, for me 200mm is enough. So I will try and design my own delta printer with shorter rods. This will also make the machine more stable I think. And smaller.

Anyway, for now I have to focus on making my assessments at school, but in three weeks it's all over and then I can fully focus on building the machine. Still need 4 stepper motors.

Did you use a bowden extruder? Come to think of it, it doesn't seem right to use anything else BUT a bowden extruder on this machine, seeing you want to keep the weight down of the hotend-carriage..
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