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Rostock and repetier host

Posted by Bajn 
Rostock and repetier host
June 05, 2013 04:03AM
Hello all, I complete basic construction for my Rostock (ready is towers, carriage, from electronic only stepper/motor and endstops) and I try config repetier host 0.85b windows with repetier firmware 0.83.
But I still have some problems.
I setup some basic things in firmware and I can move by click in manual control or use G1 (for now I only testing Z move, because should be same for all towers/motors), when I try m119 I can catch values from endstop.

I'm using pulley with 16 teeth and T2.5 belt. So i setup
#define DRIVE_SYSTEM 3 (delta)
#define BELT_PITCH 2.5
#define PULLEY_TEETH 16

BUT when I click or G1 move for example from z0 to z1 it is not move only 1mm but something about 20mm (of course same in all 3 towers) which parameters have effect on this move calculation?

I testing feedrate on move and I thing best "sound" and move I have with <600,900>, so I setup maximum on all direction (x,y,z) to 900.
But when I click on home, than carriage move to endstop, when click on it, than start some sound "beep" 2-3s move back (I setup #define ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_MOVE 10) so in my problem from point 1) it is move 20cm down and then go back up to endstop and another some "beep" sound. I think correct working should be go to endstop, click on it, go down, go up, click on it and than move to position defined with printer properties in repetier.
Where is a problem?

3) I setup stepstick for 0,8-1V between ground and trimpod. It is ok or not?
Stepstick is something like
Motor I have in biporal serial connection and have parameters static moment 0,55Nm current 0,88A induction 12,8mH resist 8ohm

4) After some move and stop motors I still hear some sound from motors. I think this is brake by current in motors, but I think this should be very silent or not?

Very thanks for your help.
Br Bajn
Re: Rostock and repetier host
June 05, 2013 09:50AM
I have never seen repetier. So I cannot really comment, but as for as your point 1: You did not write what steps per one motor revolution you have defined in firmware, what is one step angle of your motors, and what mictrostepping do you have set in your electronics (or your config if you can control microstepping from software). Maybe that is the thing you do not have defined correctly.
Re: Rostock and repetier host
June 06, 2013 03:31AM
Hello all, I shame, but yesterday I found solution smiling smiley
Problem was with microstep, because I setup it in firmware, but not insert jumper on ramps, because I think default is without jumper smiling smiley After insert jumper move is almost excelent, but it is only about tuning feedrate etc.

But point 3) is still actual. I can't measure current (maybe my current multimeter is ...) If I'm correct, current must be measure on some resist, but I still have zero current smiling smiley
Re: Rostock and repetier host
June 06, 2013 04:06AM
... you measure currents in series or the related voltage parallel to a resistor - from the measured voltage and the resistor value you then calculate the actual current with the formula: I (current in Ampere) = U (voltage in Volts) / R (resistance in Ohm)

The stepper drivers often have a bigger sense-resistor with a value of some Ohms to milli-Ohms - regarding the possible max. current.

But with high frequent stepping you have to measure the correct voltage with a scope, as a multimeter will average the single spikes to a much smaller value ...

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