EndStop issues
June 12, 2013 01:55PM
Just for some background, I have a printrboard with Repetier firmware using Repetier Host. I'm using a filament drive delta self-designed system (well, a healthy mix of kossel and cerberus with what I had on hand) with the end stop switches set up at the top of each rail, which I believe is typical.

I'm having no luck with setting my end stops. Can someone please point me to a place that spells out what each of the settings are in some detail? I'm having a hard time even understanding what it should be set up as. There seems to perhaps be many ways to get it all to work, but without seeing a complete firmware example I instead have to try to piece it together from other posts where people experience problems, often not directly related to mine.

If I try to change too many of the firmware settings (endstops from false to true, for example), I am then unable to get any results when I run an M119 in repetier software. With the unmodified firmware, I am able to get M119 to show the correct answers, and the H changes as I click the switches. And yes, I have double checked that I wire them correctly so there is 5v when they are open, and hitting the switch breaks the circuit.

If someone could please list the relevant lines of firmware that are correctly set up on a working delta printer, that would help immensely. I'd also like to understand what each of these lines are doing in regard to the end stops, the directions of the carriages, etc. Is there a website that explains this in detail?

Thanks for reading and any help you can provide.
Re: EndStop issues
June 17, 2013 06:15AM
Endstop configuration depends less on your type of printer, more on your type of endstop(s). If M119 reports and changes as expected, everything is fine. Which problem do you try to solve?

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