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Delta 3D Printer software setup

Posted by ayouden 
Delta 3D Printer software setup
June 29, 2013 04:57PM

I am having trouble setting up the Delta with the Repetier-Host software on my PC. I am using lead-screws and I have calculated the steps per mm.

does anyone have a set-up guide or manual for this?

If anyone was wondering, the printer I have is the SUMPOD Delta.

Re: Delta 3D Printer software setup
June 30, 2013 08:25PM
Have you contacted the manufacturer?
Re: Delta 3D Printer software setup
July 01, 2013 05:27AM
Yea I have, but they are not answering phone calls or replying to emails...
Re: Delta 3D Printer software setup
July 01, 2013 07:56AM
I don't have a Rostock style but here is what I do.

Go into firmware and switch it from delta mode to regular. (If you don't know how to do this look up a tutorial on uploading firmware.)
Move an axis 200mm. Measure the actual travel. Say you are off and actually move 210mm. Multiple the steps/mm in eeprom (you can do this in repetier host) by 200/210. Repeat for each axis and do it a few times to make sure. Switch back to delta mode and cross your fingera.

Note: There are many things that need to be calibrated like this so look through the eeprom values and see what you need to set. Don't expect anythong to be right.

Happy printing!
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