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An Argument for A Tripod

Posted by Corwin 
Re: An Argument for A Tripod
May 26, 2009 09:18AM
Hi Adam,

... you can run EMC2 from a live-CD/-DVD withount interferring with your OS.

Or check [www.virtualbox.org] - with this tool you can install and run any OSes in parallel (with enough drive-space and RAM) ...

Re: An Argument for A Tripod
December 09, 2009 01:33AM
My suggestion would be to get a DSP from Microchip or TI or use some ARM core (all have good C compilers and can do the heavy lifting needed, most are <15USD) and work out the math to convert XYZ coordinates to UVW axis locations using vector math. Run this on the DSP. Anyone with a good grasp of geometry and a bit of motivation should be able to come up with the equations for this. Sorry that it's not much direct help, but using a powerful core would make it possible to be compatible with the RepRap host side software.
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