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Controlling an individual motor

Posted by jbernardis 
Controlling an individual motor
July 29, 2013 12:11PM
Is there any way on a delta printer with marlin firmware to control just a single stepper?

I'm trying to dial in the current settings on my pololus, and I'd like to send a G1 command to move a single motor, but since the cartesian to deltaconversion is performed in the firmware, I assume that ANY G1 command I issue manually would result in the motion of multiple motors.

I guess I could just disconnect the motors two at a time, or perhaps I could temporarily load cartesian-based firmware onto the printer.
Re: Controlling an individual motor
July 29, 2013 01:57PM
Since you should disconnect power when changing pololu trimpot, you can disconnect the unused motors as wel.
You should connect / disconnect motors only when it is not powered too.

Edit: Aslo even when steppers are not moving they consume power. So if you wanted to measure it on the power source there is no way except disconnecting all the other motors. If you wanted to use this approach, then loading cartesian firmware would not help. Other good approach is to measure voltage on the pololu trimpot and compute current from that voltage.

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