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Delta Printer 3D/CNC Big Brother Spectrum

Posted by Saulo Quevedo 
Delta Printer 3D/CNC Big Brother Spectrum
August 21, 2013 05:47PM
My name is Saulo Quevedo,'m finder, live in Carmo da Cachoeira, Minas Gerais, Brazil and I'm finalizing the draft Printer Delta 3D/CNC whose name is Big Brother Spectrum. See link and more pictures:
I like the TV show that is very popular in my country
(Big Brother) and refers to the big brother United States and its major contribution to the advancement of all peoples. So I gave this name to my first printer: Big Brother Spectrum.
This printer Delta 3D/CNC whose project I'm finishing arose from the need to make my own future plastic parts in 3D large sizes (maximum print area: 1000 x 1000 x 1500 mm.). The Delta system (three drive motors) is more reliable, economical and efficient compared to other systems RepRap and the use of special Spindles and Nuts (for auto torque and speed too) much improve the quality of 3D printing and CNC and also possibility of change of application for different working modes for this printer, either for making 3D parts or performing other jobs in CNC.
The easy use of sets of spindles 3D/CNC this printer instead of the common use of the drive belt and pulley system provides greater functionality and much higher quality printing, 3D printing is (zones 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm.) or CNC (screws 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm for Plasma, Laser, Router, manufacture of printed circuit boards, etc ...)
Simply just change the set of zones corresponding step as you work it wants to accomplish.
The exchange zones is quick and with a few adjustments in the printer system can already be used for another purpose, specific to that set of zones that will be used.
Few components, self replicating (including manufacturing of parts to be used in her or others), almost any printer can be manufactured in ABS plastic or Polyacetal (screws, nuts, pulleys and rails of motion) and its final cost will not be very high when compared to the cost of other RepRap 3D printers that are out there, for what could endears it and I have sought to eliminate, was the self cost of ball screws, but using plastic or ABS type Polyacetal (compared to steel) the cost will purportedly enable smaller and finally it has a printer 3D/CNC large size, high print quality and efficiency, whether for private or business use.
Will use the mechanism of four pulleys with special self-lubricating bearings for perfect fit and no slack in spindles, nuts and special high torque to the drive assembly (triune) three arms to move Tray Central, where you can be fixed type tool you will use for each type of job that the printer can perform. In due course, I believe in using a system with ultraviolet light with photosensitive resins powder to print jobs in 3D but I'm still researching and trying to find the best solution. Meanwhile 3D printing can be made with threads of 1,5 and 3,0 millimeters from ABS, no problems. Accepted donations and all money raised will be used for installation in a suitable shed and buying all the stuff that she will need (most of the parts will be ordered only once, since I can replicate them when the printer is already ready).
I hope you enjoyed and thank you for your cooperation, see below links to other inventions created, some projects are still in the process of refinement and finish once this project is completed my first printer Delta 3D/CNC because almost all projects below need to be made to the cutting of copper and other materials and construction of plastic large size.

1 - Dyno Spectrum: Moto four and three wheels: There will be almost all plastic (ABS and others) with degree of inclination of 56.5 degrees and up to 40 degrees of steering, electric motor system with five-speed electronic and also differential (electronic system for four wheels), high-tech!


2 - Motors Brushlees High Efficiency, Power and low cost for special applications in motorcycles, tricycles and cars, a new technology.

2.1 - Electric Motor Brushlees 125 HP, 24 Volts. with Differential Rates and electronics, high technology and efficiency, check out the links:



2.2 - engine specially developed for general applications: Electra Tuingo_360 but it applies perfectly for use in Aeromodelismo. see the link:


3 - Hidrocooler for Intel and AMD microprocessors. greater efficiency in cooling the PC.


4 - Forest Donkeys in modules (1.2 Mts Width) with signage night.

Mounted on top of concrete blocks stackable for easy and safe installation. It can be mounted side by side two or more mats size that is more convenient in length or width. The assembly modules also apply to build bridges of small size or medium-size (larger bridges may be made under special design) to check link:


5 - Bearings Ellipticals: with higher load capacity for the same size bearings that are already industry standard, supports large loads tilted up to 60 degrees of tilt. see the link:


6 - Neutral Zone: New pool game, much more fun. Fully released for private or business use.


Previous projects: Two front wheels to fit in all types of bikes. Maximum engine capacity: 650 cc.


Email: InovaStar@hotmail.com

Congratulations to all.

Saulo Quevedo, Inventor.

InovaStar Projects and Technology Solutions.

CNPJ: 13723959000105

Site of the future headquarters InovaStar Technologies
(Near the city of Brasilia, capital of Brazil.)

open | download - Big_Brother_Spectrum Impressora 3D_CNC.jpg (80.6 KB)
open | download - Garras para Finais de Curso com Rolamento de Agulhas.jpg (90.9 KB)
open | download - Fixação para motores NEMA 23 (máximo 115 mm) 30Kg M.jpg (66.8 KB)
open | download - Conjunto de Roldanas, Fuso e Castanha.jpg (198.8 KB)
open | download - Big_Brother II Spectrun 3D_CNC (Troca de Fusos).jpg (148.8 KB)
Re: Delta Printer 3D/CNC Big Brother Spectrum
August 23, 2013 03:57PM
Hi Saulo,

IMHO, the top will vibrate/deflect a lot when working. Comercial CNC milling machines have STRONG frames to reduce deflection to a minimum. Many (specially old ones) are made from iron, that is even less flexible than steel. I think you should address this issue before atempting to make it work.
Re: Delta Printer 3D/CNC Big Brother Spectrum
September 17, 2013 02:26AM
If you are intending to use the delta design for CNC, consider using linear rails. Also do not use the axis as a carrying elemnt of your construktion, you will have to add a frameset, as the preposter has already explained. The original design anticipates only a low force on these parts, but with CNC the frame must withstand enormous forces!
Check out the CNC hexapod design I included, maybe that will give you some ideas...

Meine 3D Druck Abenteuer
FLSUN Delta Drucker für Deutschland
Books on 3D patents:
[goo.gl] (english)
[www.amazon.de] (deutsch)
open | download - hexapod.png (37.3 KB)
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