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Idea: A RepRap Hanging From the Ceiling

Posted by tobben 
Re: Idea: A RepRap Hanging From the Ceiling
February 08, 2016 10:00AM
First version of assembly manual published today!

Clerck Assembly Manual v0.

Comments, improvements and builds welcome!

Re: Idea: A RepRap Hanging From the Ceiling
April 06, 2017 03:01AM
by the way, thinking in terms of other processors that could be used, do you know anyone who has used the esp-32 for 3d printing? it's under $10 and has 32 gpio pins (up to 12 analog inputs), 4m flash, 520K ram, and is a 32 bit processor running at 160/240MHz with wifi and bluetooth built-in. [espressif.com]

If you are moving away from steppers, you are probably going to move to a custom driver board instead of ramps, it should be easy to add the pads to attach something like this module to it as the brains.
Re: Idea: A RepRap Hanging From the Ceiling
November 14, 2017 07:27AM
Hi dlang!

Sorry didn't see this before now because the thread is so old.

I actually have some friends building a Mechaduino-style closed loop stepper using esp32's. They're on early testing stages, and I don't think they've published anything. Esp32 is a really nice processor.

If you'd like to continue esp32 discussion, I suggest creating a new thread on the topic winking smiley

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