Printing with over-sized nozzle? Damn straight!!! 1.55mm inside.
October 21, 2014 12:18PM
I accidentally over-bored my nozzle in an effort to clean it. Make lemonade with lemons! Why the heck not try to print with it. My plastic is cheap, and the lead time to getting my replacements is long 2-3weeks!

The results were surprising and encouraging. My next hot end will have replaceable nozzles, one of them will be in the 1+mm range. This poor j-head has been overheated, over-bored to nearly 1.6mm and beat to hell in over 100hours of printing. Not a bad little head that keeps on going and going.

Check out the print.

This was a failed attempt, and what prompted me to tweak and try again.

I added a blog entry about this subject. I am surprised more people do not print with large nozzles. My front panel print went from 6+ hours to 1.5hours.... No matter what your speed settings are in the printer its hard to match something like this. The object is around 220mm long, I have never seen the filament wheel spin so fast. Blog entry for those interested. -> []

Thoughts and comments?

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