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Placement of FSR Sensors

Posted by Kurzaa 
Placement of FSR Sensors
January 09, 2015 01:14PM
I bought an FSR kit for my Rostock Mini, though I am not sure if it is better to place the sensors near the XYZ towers or the ABC locations (?) between / opposite the towers.

I think most of the Kossel printers I have seen with FSR sensors have them at the ABC locations, though it is fairly easy to bolt them to the frame in those locations. For my Rostock, I was thinking it might be easier / cleaner to wire them near the towers, but I didn't know if this would impact performance or not.
Re: Placement of FSR Sensors
January 09, 2015 02:05PM
I can't see that it would impact performance either way. The important thing is that the bed is supported only by the FSR sensors, so that wherever the head touches the bed, at least one of the sensors will have an increased force on it.

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