Universal Delta corner bracket design?
April 03, 2015 03:58PM
With a big disclaimer that I really have not paid much attention to the Kossel designs and modifications, I stumbled on something that I thought was unique while looking at something else on AliExpress:


Instead of making a huge bottom bracket, they took two top brackets and drilled stepper motor mounting screw holes in them. The motor straddles the two brackets. They have to ship twice as many parts, but the amount of material is less. Plus, the parts are identical...just flip them over.

The next evolutionary step (that they apparently *didn't* do) would be to drill a hole for the pulley and use the same exact bracket on the top. Put nine of the same exact part into a box and ship it, without having to have shelf space for 2-3 separate part numbers for the top/bottom brackets. Has anyone else done this yet?????
Re: Universal Delta corner bracket design?
April 03, 2015 05:35PM
Interesting! I have a Mini Kossel with the usual single-part corner brackets, and the problem I have is that the towers lean slightly. I'm not sure whether this would be easier or more difficult to avoid with 2-part corner brackets

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Re: Universal Delta corner bracket design?
April 03, 2015 05:48PM
With the stacked round holes in their design, it is almost crying for three pieces of round tubing to be inserted as assembly jigs and potentially frame stiffeners..... smiling smiley
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