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Coiled cords for effector plate connections?

Posted by vreihen 
Coiled cords for effector plate connections?
April 19, 2015 10:29PM
Does anyone have a source for a multi-conductor coiled cord suitable for connecting an effector plate to a controller board? I'm thinking 8-12 conductors, depending on the wire gauge. Just thinking that I would like something a little bit less "garage-built" on my new build, and looking for an alternative to ribbed split loom or the woven sleeves that are commonly used now.....
Re: Coiled cords for effector plate connections?
April 20, 2015 04:07AM
There is a 15 core coiled cable with length 160mm initial, 1m extended available from RS, Farnell and eBay, e.g. [www.ebay.co.uk]. You would need to use several strands in parallel for the heater.

I was thinking of relocating my electronics to the dead space near the top of the printer, and a coiled cable from there to the hot end would make a lot of sense.

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Re: Coiled cords for effector plate connections?
April 20, 2015 06:55AM
Exactly my logic. I have the electronics and stepper motors at the top of my new printer build, and was actually thinking about running the Bowden tube through the inside of the coil to see how that worked/looked.

I have one of these scheduled to land in my mailbox today:


It uses parallel wires for the hotend power, and appears to send up a common 12V and sink the current for each fan/LED/hotend. Since my effector has an LED light ring, thermistor, hotend, and E3D fan, it needs an umbilical cord's worth of wires to the effector plate.....
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