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Best Delta To Build In 2015

Posted by dopesoner930 
Best Delta To Build In 2015
April 26, 2015 04:27AM
So I have had my davinci 1.0 flashed with repetier for a while now and its been pretty solid. However I am now ready to build my first 3d printer. I plan on building more than one eventually here but am fascinated with the way delta printers work and the space factor makes it ideal. Over the past few weeks I have looked into the 3dr, Kossel, and Rostock. Here is what I want and I would like anyones opinion on my best bet.

Lowest possible price, most printed parts, good build documentation, build volume of 8x8x16* (target). Lastly of course will be functionality which one performs well.

Thank you for you help ahead of time grinning smiley
Re: Best Delta To Build In 2015
April 26, 2015 06:10AM
For the lowest possible cost for your target build volume, I would say the Delta Steel is a good candidate.

Re: Best Delta To Build In 2015
April 26, 2015 05:57PM
The 3DR and Rostock are yesterday's designs. The Kossel is a little bit fresher, and China has recently begun mass-production of molded plastic and CNC-cut aluminum brackets to drive the coats down and frame stability up. The Cherry Pi is a close descendent of the Kossel, and borrows (cherry picks) innovations from many other designs. One of those two are pretty good options, depending on whether you want a larger pool of parts (Kossel) or the latest features such as tension-based rods (Cherry Pi).....
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