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Skew? What is this phenomenon?

Posted by Johndoe1911 
Skew? What is this phenomenon?
May 02, 2015 01:23AM
Hi, I'm using Kossel Delta printer with Repetier+Slic3er.
I was searching many forums to find out a solution of the problem.
Unfortunately, still no answer found.

This is the situation,

1) I'm having no trouble with printing small X,Y value with Large Z value object.
2) As the picture shows, experiencing failure with printing object which have relatively large X,Y with any Z value. Couldn't found any hardware issue.
3) According to the picture and my observation, There is no distortion found at Z but only X and Y.
4) There is no specific Z value that problem occur. It happened at random Z value.
5) Unlike "skew", there is no slope at the object.

Is there anyone having same issue?
I can upload more detail about my printer if you needed.

Re: Skew? What is this phenomenon?
May 02, 2015 02:44AM
I've not got much experience with deltas, but when my Cartesian printer started to print like that it was the current to one of the motors. When I corrected the current, it sorted the problem out.
Re: Skew? What is this phenomenon?
May 02, 2015 08:05AM
It sort of looks like a pulley slip on the stepper motor shaft. I'll even venture a guess that it is the motor driving the rods/spring that are in focus on the above picture, since the skew is in that general direction.....
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