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Changing the Z Origin of a Delta Rostock Machine

Posted by euanfoster 
Changing the Z Origin of a Delta Rostock Machine
July 21, 2015 05:30PM
Hey all,

I am very new to 3D printing and arduinos etc and have recently started at my company which has a rostock delta printer. We are in the process of upgrading this printer and have fitted a new e3d v6 hotend. It has now been wired up correctly and is working like a gem.

However, our previous mount and extruder was a lot lower, so it needs to be recalibrated so the zero point of the z axis lies on the bed again and not lie 25mm off the bed. The machine is running the repetier firmware and I am unsure on how to recalibrate it. Can I do this from the LCD display? Or do I need to mod the firmware by hooking the arduino up to a PC? Considering I have never seen an arduino till today and that the guy who built the machine has now left the company, I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction and save me a few hours of head scratching.

I appreciate any help I get.


Re: Changing the Z Origin of a Delta Rostock Machine
July 22, 2015 06:51AM
Increase the priter Z-height by the difference between the old and the new hotend.
The Z-height is stored in the EEPROM. So you need to do it only once.
You can do this directly from the repetier host (which I do not use) or from the G-code console.
It is probably doable from LCD too.
Re: Changing the Z Origin of a Delta Rostock Machine
July 22, 2015 07:28AM
Thanks for the help!

So I have done a bit of homework on this and it seems like the machine I have is running a very old version of repetier at version 0.73. This version uses the configuration.h sketch to define the settings of it and not the EPPROM file, so when ever I try load up to the EPPROM configuration on repetier host the menu is grayed out (see attached screenshot) and rather annoyingly I can't do this from the LCD either! Does anyone know of a way updating the repetier firmware without loosing the settings and needing to recalibrate the machine?

open | download - repetier problems.png (231 KB)
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