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HKBay Product Review

Posted by Neutrino 
HKBay Product Review
August 27, 2015 06:51AM
Hi Everyone,

i hope i am in the right Spot for writing about my Delta Project.

I wanted to give HKBay.com a shot. I ordered XL Rostock Kossel 4020 and learned that there is at least VAT and shippng costs added to it. So in the end i landed about 760€ wich is not the chepest for the parts they offer.

After about 2 Weeks the parts where delivered by DHL without problems.

After unpacking i noticed 2 broken partks from the printed pieces. This i was able to fix with a little fast dry epoxy.

The BOM they say you need to check upfront differs A LOT from what is in the package. They only send assembly instructions and BOM for their mini kossel with the XL. I had hard times to figure out if everything is there. I just started assembling as i couldn't figure out what was missing (i felt there was some). While assembly i noticed the ball bearings are missing... ALL BALL BEARINGS ARE MISSING. I ordered the missing pieces from ebay as i didn't want to wait fro another China->Germany delivery. I wanted to start printing. I sent an email to HKBay about the missing pieces and they offered resending or a refund in height of their part costs. Okay anyway its only 30 bucks so i decided to go along. So while assembly i notices the linear rails are not very linear .... I assume cheapskates would be more linear than the stuff they sent. Another thing that differed A LOT from their advertising, they reffer to the mini kossel assembly instructions where closed belts are used. Also closed belts carriages are sent. Nothing to fixate the belts propperly was sent. Also buy a big pile of zipties cause they wont send any.

Any further contact with HKBay just ended with 1 liners not really trying to help, more getting rid of the just scammed user.

i would not order there again.


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Re: HKBay Product Review
August 28, 2015 08:57AM
Hi Everyone,

today i got further down the road of joy. I installed the missing ballbearings (thanks ebay).

I figured around with the default hardware for a little bit. As i wanted to upgrade it anyway its not hurting me, but the cables for the mechanical endstop cables are ways too short .... smiling smiley i would assume if i wasnt soldering for years... that could be a showstopper you cant do it without soldering//purchasing other endstops with longer cables. Anyways, I decided to go with HALL-E endstops and 0.9° stepper smiling smiley (thanks angelo)

But for the Progress: the belts are in place now (with zipties from hardware store). and i will print some more nicer belt clips hopefully soon. My cartesian is a pain in the ass and doesnt work ATM.

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Re: HKBay Product Review
October 01, 2015 09:06AM
Hi everyone,

I wanted to share an update to my printer. After weeks of tweaking and getting calm on the anger about the incomplete delivery here is what i am up to.

The carriages for the linear rails had been reprinted cause they broke (the thin holders for the belts). Everything printed seems to be pla.

The kossel effector got replaced with one for e3d hotend. And hotend replaced by e3d v6 cause i wanted higher temps.

This one would have needed to be replaced anyway because it was not rigid holding the jhead.

2 effector arms felt apart while prints. The carbon and traxxas i now fixed together with 2component epoxy. The motors they shipped and the ramps work as expected (in a different maschine).

The glas bed is i think the best i ever had. with an ir height sensor measured it it had only like 0.1mm differences in total, impressive.

The linear rails had been completely disasembled, cleaned, lubricated and assembled again. It had loads of dirt in it (up to 1x1mm metal junk, i assume from cutting). They are now working smoothly.

all endstop holders reprinted as they broke apart from looking at them already... just kidding .. but a quarter turn to much broke em ... its just pla be aware

Motors and electronics where changed from start to have 0.9° turns per step and 64 microsteps. I love that beautiful music they produce.(radds1.5)

The 2040 aluminim extrusions are straight and rigid. They have some "beauty" problems like the coating is peeling of a little but doenst affect printing.
I added a silicon heatbed. had to exchange psu.

Conclision ... i should have started from scratch sourcing the parts my own, as their mini kossel instructions confused me more then help me a lot.

For the vendor itself, dont expect any good communication, asked for a partitial refund but no move by them at all ... the list of broken and missing pieces i sent but no replacement or compensation sent(only 30bucks in parts so i dont care).

Things to do: reprint the top extrusion corner parts. I can see them getting cracks after a kilometer of printed filament. Maybe just ebcause they where broken and i had to fix em with epoxy (still workswinking smiley

ffor beginners ... the mini kossel might be ok. The xL is not covered well in instructions. The work needed to get it up and running is much higher then expected from reading their instructions.

Prints are at 0.03 thats what i wanted. Its quiet and prints pet very well.

Thanks for your help here guys, i highly appreciate you helped a newbie become an priinting enthusiast.

Thanks and all my best
Re: HKBay Product Review
October 01, 2015 10:07AM
About the refund...
Chinese sellers become very active, when you claim a paypal-refund. Don´t try to ask kindly via email.
For 760€ I could have built two XXL deltas from local sources. ( It came without heated bed? )
Re: HKBay Product Review
October 01, 2015 10:40AM
Jea it came without heated bed. badly i ordered with bank transfer (to swizz so i assumed they would be different.)
when i ordered there where no reviews about them, and i always like to give new sellers a try.

in the end i cant recommend them in any way.
Re: HKBay Product Review
October 01, 2015 12:29PM
If you need new corners then have a look at these Aluminium Corners for 20x40 vertices I have 2 sets of the 20x20 ones with another on the way and can vouch for the Quality of them and believe that the 20x40 ones will be just as good


Re: HKBay Product Review
October 01, 2015 01:28PM
If you need new corners then have a look at these Aluminium Corners for 20x40 vertices I have 2 sets of the 20x20 ones with another on the way and can vouch for the Quality of them and believe that the 20x40 ones will be just as good



I have the 2020 Robotdigg corners as well and they are good, although one of the 6 vertices I received was skewed so I had to ask for a replacement (and received it).

There are some sheet metal vertices being developed, which should cost less - see [groups.google.com].

Large delta printer [miscsolutions.wordpress.com], E3D tool changer, Robotdigg SCARA printer, Crane Quad and Ormerod

Disclosure: I design Duet electronics and work on RepRapFirmware, [duet3d.com].
Re: HKBay Product Review
November 09, 2015 10:49PM
Hiya all,

Thanks to Neutrino for the review but I feel I need to step in and share my 5cents. I'm the chief Instructor for the 3D Printing Academy in Hong Kong and purchase all my kits from them. If interested, you can have a look at my facebook group here: www.facebook.com/groups/3dpahk
So far I ordered more than 60 kits from them. I'm therefore quite close to them and help with the German translations such as the German instructions and website etc.

They are a small family operation which of course comes with various pros and cons. While I agree with some of Neutrinos remarks, I can't follow the "BOM differs A LOT" remark. I checked and re-checked the BOM for the XL on their website and there is not a single item that is not correct. The belts are listed as GT2, which are open, just because there are no closed belts for the XL measurements available in the market. The new and updated instructions mention now the connection for both open and closed belts (it just uses two zipties).

The other remarks are correct, but it's not something that I haven't experienced from other and sometimes much more expensive online retailers. Exchange of the missing and broken parts has been offered but refused; you can't really blame the retailer for that. I have also found them VERY responsive when it comes to questions or service requests. I have never waited for more than 24hrs for a qualified reply (not just the canned useless stuff you receive from many of their competitors).

While not being the cheapest Delta in the market, I still feel their kit offers an awesome value for the price. Yes, there are cheaper units available but not with linear rails (which, by the way, have been upgraded to Taiwan-made rails in the meantime), 8255 stepper boards, metal extruder, Autolevelling AND Autocalibration, very clear and concise instructions both in English and (especially, haha) German and so on.

Sorry for chipping in, but I felt I needed to give another point of view in the discussion.
Thanks and cheers,
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