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Posted by Zulance 
August 30, 2015 05:02PM
Another issue sad smiley. I have my machine mostly calibrated, but im thinking my end stop is causing my Z access to sound like a jack hammer. I am clueless when it comes to the end stops, they are simple mechanical endstops. I have mixed and matched every setting I can think of but its not looking good for me. Could use some input on this one
Re: Endstops
August 31, 2015 06:43AM
What do you mean by Z access? You mean when you home it doesn't stop as it should?

To check whether your endstops are working properly, send M119 to your printer. Manually trigger and hold the endstop and do another M119 and see if it changes state. Do this to all 3 endstops.
Re: Endstops
August 31, 2015 12:00PM
My bad i didnt word myself well. I ran a M119 and i get L for my x,y,z when not triggered and a H when triggered. End stops function as desinged. My Z access moves, but it grinds and viberates bad. I have had a similar issue and fixed it by changing my endstop settings. This time i cant seem to figure it out. I have played with my end stop settings but cant get rid of this viberation. I posted assuming its an endstop issue, but can very well be something else. Been working on this build for a month and hitting a ton of speedbumps. Wish there was someone local to chat with to help me through this process. I understand a lot, but then again there is also a lot i dont understand.
Re: Endstops
August 31, 2015 12:30PM
As the previous poster asked: What do you mean by Z access?

And perhaps you could elaborate on the "grinds and vibrates bad"?
Re: Endstops
August 31, 2015 01:46PM
I think he means Z axis rather then Z access.

Did you try lowering the homing speed rate?
Re: Endstops
August 31, 2015 02:31PM
Sorry sometimes i type without thinking, Z axis. I will upload a video when i get home to better elaborate.

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Re: Endstops
August 31, 2015 02:36PM
I think he means Z axis rather then Z access.

Did you try lowering the homing speed rate?

Yes, speaking that out loud makes a lot of sense!

Could it be that Z endstop is configured as MIN instead of MAX?
Re: Endstops
August 31, 2015 04:17PM
I played around with the settings and finally got it moving smoothly. But this Z axis is kicking my butt. It homes smoothly now, but the Z axis does not do my 5mm retract, and once its home'ed I can not move it. I've reversed these numbers and played around with them, but nothing seems to be working. Any other area's I need to check?

// maximum positions in mm - only fixed numbers!
// For delta robot Z_MAX_LENGTH is the maximum travel of the towers and should be set to the distance between the hotend
// and the platform when the printer is at its home position.
// If EEPROM is enabled these values will be overidden with the values in the EEPROM
#define X_MAX_LENGTH 360 //#define X_MAX_LENGTH 166
#define Y_MAX_LENGTH 360 //#define Y_MAX_LENGTH 166
//#define Z_MAX_LENGTH 360 //#define Z_MAX_LENGTH 166
#define Z_MAX_LENGTH 360 // with clamps and kapton tape

// Coordinates for the minimum axis. Can also be negative if you want to have the bed start at 0 and the printer can go to the left side
// of the bed. Maximum coordinate is given by adding the above X_MAX_LENGTH values.
#define X_MIN_POS 0
#define Y_MIN_POS 0
#define Z_MIN_POS 0
open | download - Vid.MOV (399.3 KB)
Re: Endstops
September 01, 2015 03:45AM
Do you mean the Z axis doesn't move 5mm down after homing, or it doesn't lift 5mm when the extruder is retracting filament?
Re: Endstops
September 01, 2015 06:08AM
I cant get the Z axis to move at all aside from homing the machine. I have all 3 axis's set to do a 5 mm retract when it hits the home, x and y are working great. As far as I can tell I have x, y, and z all set up identical in the firmware. After I home it, I try and move the Z axis down, but x and y are the only two that move.
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