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print not correct

Posted by xile6 
print not correct
September 03, 2015 06:33AM
So i got a delta type printer now. Coming from a prusa i3 (ebay auora z605)

Its a micromake (kossel mini clone) woth heated bed. I do need a better way to clamp the hed down for the most part it good right now.

So i did my frist test print.this is how it turn out

On the left is my delta. On the right is the prusa i3.

Can i get some help with setting this up correct?
All the delta setting for the rods should be correct. I used the default firmware them i took my own readings and there are within +/- 1mm

As you can see the delta 10mm cube isnt square its kinda rounded. Also around 9mm i know i need to adjust the steps to make it bigger.
The first layer and skirt are good. Once it goes from there it starts to get smaller and more rounder. Then top layer is square tho but smaller.

And help anyone could give wouls be great. These delta are very new to me.

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Re: print not correct
September 03, 2015 11:52AM

I notice that i dont have a part cooler for pla.
I turn off the heated bed and aim a 120mm fan at the build plate and all is good.

I notice right after i did another print and pulled it right off after it was done it was soft.

So now im off to find a way to add a part / nozzle cooler.
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