bad shower door rollers [ workaround ]
September 07, 2015 03:26AM
I ordered 19mm x 6mm wide shower door rollers for my t-slot delta. They were the only ones I found for my M6 carriages I had already printed.

But what I got was only ~5.2mm wide rollers. With a little push, they would disappear in the slot completely.
Inspired by t3p3´s delrin dual bearing rollers, I made the best of it and added some washers and a 686zz bearing to the 6mm shaft.
Make sure, you put the washers the right way round ( they are slightly convex ) to allow the bearing to run free.

The rollers now sink into the slot half way and add some sideways stability.
The outcome is so far pretty accurate and smooth running. I had to clean up the nylon rollers on some spots ( injection molding marks )

It has to get worse, before it get´s better ( Lao Tse, or was it Gandhi ? ) winking smiley

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