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Kossel 2020 autolevel marlin + repetier

Posted by pazza 
Kossel 2020 autolevel marlin + repetier
September 16, 2015 01:49AM
Hi every one

long time reader 1st time topic writer...

Setup: Kossel 2020 rev b
marlin v1
repetier v 1.5.6

Question . Once ive done the auto level bed calibration...what do i do with the numbers that its spits out..do they need to be put into marlin...

i dont understand what the next step involves

any help greatly appreciated.
Re: Kossel 2020 autolevel marlin + repetier
September 23, 2015 09:40PM

The firmware has whats called a planner. It is a table of adjustment values. It will remember them until you do a g28. So if you home you have to repeat the auto bed level dance. You can setup your before and after gcodes to do both before each print or do neither and instead go to a parking position after a print. If you do not print multiple consecutive prints i would do it at the start of each because forgetting to do it is a false start....
Re: Kossel 2020 autolevel marlin + repetier
October 05, 2015 07:34AM
I think at the end of run, you have to store the values in EEPROM i think using m500... But EEPROM storage must be enabled inside Marlin sketch..
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